Thursday, October 04, 2007


My friend is out of the coma ever so slightly. She has come out of it and gone back in. She has refused medication she was getting while in her coma and then become paranoid and hysterical. When they calmed her down she went back into the coma. They have turned off all the machines that have been keeping her alive. I never thought I would be for doing this, but I am. The doctors said it was time to find out whether she wanted to fight to live or not. It's not clear yet what is going to happen. She seems to be living in limbo. Sometimes I wish one thing would happen and others times I wish the other. I wish she could be who she was before, but since I don't think she will, maybe it is best if....oh I can't even write the words.

In the meantime her daughter has spoken her first word. I am so excited. Her first word was prego - which is please in Italian. Her dad is Italian. I think it is such a wonderful first word. My first word was cookie. Prego is such a polite word - a sign of good breeding - a sign that she has a father who truly respects her as a person. Please let her have the wonderful life she deserves!

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