Sunday, September 30, 2007

New family members

In our house live Teddy and me. Teddy lives downstairs in his own apartment. Opal and Jack also live with us. They are 2 rabbits. They were supposed to live with Teddy, but I wasn't sure they were being kept clean- so they live upstairs with me.

Opal and Jack are supposed to be siblings. We got them from a rabbit rescue. Don't trust a rabbit rescue to know what they are talking about. Our twins were the same size when we brought them home. But Jack started to grow and grow and is now about 3 times the size as Opal. It turns out they are the same breed - just one is full-size and the other is dwarf.

Well now we have two more family members: 2 ringneck doves. I'm not sure their names might not change - but they are Irma and Flora at the moment. Named after my grandma and her sister. My son adored them both and think that the doves are from heaven.

So the doves are exploring the house and we are trying to figure out where in the house they will live- what they eat - etc. We are also wondering what the rabbits think of them and if they might turn out to be friends.

Update: they have been with us for less than 18 hours and we have eggs. I can only assume the eggs were made before they came to live with us and these are truly 2 girls.....but just like rabbit rescues can be wrong - so can dove owners.

Update: They are ignoring the egg. There is only 1 now.
Opal, our rabbit has died. Old age maybe. Shock from seeing the birds? Teddy is heartbroken. Jack seems sad. We introduced Irma to Jack. They didn't seem to mind each other. But Jack couldn't get in his cage fast enough when the introductions were complete.

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