Friday, September 28, 2007

Bad Mom

I know we all have our days and today I had mine. Teddy was going to a football game and was supposed to bring 2 bottles of Mt. Dew and 2 of Pepsi as his contribution.

I had been to the grocery store the night before on my own - and the big bottles were up high in a new contraption that I couldn't reach. So I just figured we would get them today. So we went to Kmart because Mt. Dew was on sale - but we went to a Kmart that had just one scooter and it was in use - so we kept going. I sent him into the Kroger's on his own with strict instructions as to what he was to buy.

So he came out with 2 Vernor's , 3 Pepsi, and 2 Mt. Dew. So I screamed and hollered about buying 4 not 7 and what was he doing. Couldn't he count to 4? Well he said he bought the 2 Vernor's for me because he knew I didn't feel well. Well I said I didn't ask you to buy that I said 4. Why did you buy the extra Pepsi. He said I wanted one.

Well I talk all this talk about a self-determined life for him - and he was very much thinking his own mind when he bought all this pop. SO why did I lose it?

Teddy knows.

One day a month the mother from hell appears. So, he just listened and ignored me. A few hours later I apologized and said I didn't feel good, but it was no excuse. He said it was OK and did I want some Vernor's? I said yes please - and after 15 minutes he appeared with warm chocolate chip cookies (thank goodness for premade cookies dough) and a big glass of cold Vernor's.

My sweet angel.

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