Sunday, October 07, 2007


I am so scared and worried today. My friend in Germany is back in her coma and the doctors aren't very positive about the outcome now. And her boyfriend, who I have become very close to is giving up - not on her - but himself. He has dropped out of school. He is talking to counselors about giving up his daughter for adoption. And he talking about fixing all his problems for good. He hasn't said the word suicide yet, but I hear it none-the-less.

He isn't disabled, but his baby's mother is. He is so desperately in need of help. He is 22 and alone in making life and death decisions about his girlfriend. He isn't handling it well. Right now the only things that keeps his girlfriend alive are his decisions to keep providing the machines that keep her alive, and the medication and his holding her hand that keeps her lucid when she awakes. Without him, she will die. Because of her, he may choose to die. A little girl may lose both her parents because we don't offer enough support to people who are in desperate need of support.

I feel so helpless. There is nothing I can do but wait for the next email and hope I have something helpful to say.


Casdok said...

That is so sad.

Susan said...

An even sadder update. After 3 months of this young woman's parents having nothing to do with her, they decide to take over. They have legal documents that they now will make all the medical decisions and that he, the boyfriend, is no long allowed to visit. They say he is bad for her. How would they know?

He seems to have changed his mind about giving his daughter up for adoption. And suicide seems to be out of consideration - for the moment. When he went to social services to ask about adoption - they actually said they would offer him more services to help.