Friday, August 03, 2007

Blogs vs Message Boards

In love. Is being in love when you feel pissed, but instead of being pissed you blog? Has blogging become my own personal therapy tool? Could we become a kinder, gentler world if we blogged instead of wrote messages on message boards?

I read numerous message boards. Several seem to thrive on adversarial communication between its members. It almost seems as if without controversy they have no reason to exist. I was going to say message boards are topic driven but blogs are not- but that isn't true. Perhaps the difference is that message boards are intended to be democracies where there is never any intention of a blog being one. The reason people often post to a message board is not to agree with a poster, but to disagree.

A blog is a "one man show". One person writes it and the community it creates may not be required to agree, but it seems to me that bloggers are much more about find the commonilities between its community than in finding it differences. There seems to be an attempt to educate people to come around to your way of thinking rather than bash them over the head with your perspective.

But maybe I've just had a run of bad luck with message boards and find blogs than are more compatible to my way of interacting with the world.

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