Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm rich because of Rich

I have a wonderful son, but I also have another wonderful man in my life. His name is Rich and he is a most extraordinary man. He has loved me for about 8 years. He lives about 700 miles due east of Teddy and me, but he is a part of my life every second of every day.

Our relationship is not typical in many ways. We spend part of most days on the phone with each other, or IMing, or emailing each other. Rich travels a lot for work and when not on the road works. He works a lot. Too much as far as I am concerned. But he makes an amazing amount of time for me - including a few days with me here and there.

This works out well for us. It might not work forever, but right now it meets both of our needs exactly. I can prioritize my son's needs and he can prioritize work. Together I think his work would suffer and eventually my son would feel left out. when we are together we are inclined to forget about the rest of the universe.

I would tell you Rich is one of the smartest men I know, but then his head might swell. So let it suffice to say that Rich is a geek extraordinaire. I am a closet geek and he has helped me in countless ways to take a few steps outside my comfort zone. Rich is part of the reason I am writing this blog, because he keeps telling me I should. So Rich this is for you!

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