Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Illegal assisted Oregon

You might think that legalizing assisted suicide in Oregon would end illegal assisted suicide - but it hasn't. Two nurses in Portland decided to help a woman to die 2 years ago, but it is only recently that the family was told. They thought she had died as a natural progression of her cancer.

These two nurses decided that they didn't need to follow the rules about having a period of notification before it was done, having counseling, and most importantly have a physician be involved (as it is physician assisted suicide, not nurse assisted suicide). They had access and knowledge how to do it- so they did.

Now perhaps you think people should have the right to assisted suicide, but there is also a question as to whether assisted suicide was even wanted. Yes, the person in question was in pain, and was receiving hospice care, but the children of Wendy Melcher don't believe this was anything requested by their father (Wendy is transgendered). They believe their father would have told them and he didn't.

So what happened to these nurses who essentially murdered Wendy Melcher? So far nothing as it was only reported to the state two weeks ago - even though the Nursing board has known about it all along.

How do we protect our most vulnerable citizens from people who are over zealous to do what they think is right and now live in a state that gives them easy access to the tools to do it?

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